Chasing David (CD)

Chasing David Cover 1500px.jpg
Chasing David Cover 1500px.jpg

Chasing David (CD)


This is it. The Kickstarter project that was 5 years in the making. Produced by Wally Moyers and recorded at Studio 84 in Lubbock, TX.


Abba Father
Mighty King
Law of the Lord
One Voice
Can You Hear
I Am Crucified
All I Want to Do
The Chasing Song
These Are Mine
My Hope

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"Wow.  FANTASTIC ALBUM! Great musicians and players. Great DIVERSITY. The mix is stellar and beautiful. Crystal clear. Wow."  - Keith Lancaster

"Opening with Abba Father immediately brought a smile to my face. Can You Hear, brought to mind the Gaither Homecoming specials when all of the different artists would join in and sing. I love the concept of The Chasing Song, as it chases down all the heroes and heels of scripture (including ourselves). I think My Hope may be my favorite on the first pass through the album..." - Jason Bennett